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Counterfeit Viagra disguised as moving cargo… smuggling gang arrested

최종 수정일: 2019년 12월 4일

2019-10-08 22:20 / Yeonhap News / YOON Jong-Seok reporter /

Seoul Customs uncovers 200 billion won worth counterfeit Viagra, wristwatches, etc.

The Seoul customs service announced on 8th August that it and the police arrested 8 people who smuggled 200billion won worth of counterfeit Viagra, counterfeit wristwatches, Chinese cigarettes, etc.

Amongst 8 people Seoul customs arrested the gang leader A (54), and booked 4 accomplices & 7 shippers in Korea without detention.

According to the Customs, gang leader A who is the CEO of a company for custom clearance service (overseas moving cargo) and his 4 other accomplices smuggled counterfeit Viagra and other illegal product for 5 times from December last year till April this year, disguising the product as household moving cargo.

They smuggled 1.8 million tablets of counterfeit Viagra, 17,000 pieces of counterfeit wristwatches and 13,500 carton of Chinese cigarettes which all together worth about 200 billion won.

They used a method called “containing”: stacking smuggled goods very inside of the containers and cover them up by stacking normal household cargos to avoid the customs eye.

The gang strongly denied all crime even though the smuggling was uncovered by the customs at the scene. After detailed forensic investigation on their mobile phone, the gang finally confessed their crime.

The Korea Customs Service said “From May this year, the customs implemented various measures such as Cargo manager’s Import / Export responsibility management system, no clearance of moving cargo on Saturday and enhancing customs’ supervision of moving cargos, to prevent the smuggling of counterfeits disguised as moving cargo”.

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